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Welcome to my little corner on substack. My alter ego for 20 years has been Ms. Harvi Wallbanger. I have been involved in the sëxwrk industry for over 30 years, and I am under 50.

I often said during my tenor as a brothel owner; You’ll have to buy the book” and “I’ll write when I retire.” Now that the time has arrived, I am looking forward to it regardless if I’ll just be posting into the void or not.

Writing has always been a soothing practice, which is ironic due to my dyslexia. Word-smithing cunning linguistics and layered ADHD-styled stories that somehow come full circle to make a point you didn't expect... are kind of my thing. So are run-on sentences 🙃

As a passion project, this space is truly for me, a form of self-love. A therapeutic solace, a cup-filling activism porthole, and the freedom that comes from posting into the void.

What you have to say matters, especially if it’s to yourself.

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30 years of working with sex workers has given me insight and many Madam Tales. From an underage street kid to a pRonographer in the 90s, to running one of Canada's most forward-thinking agencies. The struggles, lessons learned and so many sweet stories.


Cunning linguistic dyslexic. Doing it my way to the bottom & up again... and again. Sharing My Damn Tales & how the PROS do it of things. Buyer of tickets and taker of rides.